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Our approach is to highlight the aromatic plants, wild or cultivated, and to extract the best from them. We love the Balagne terroir and care to protect it. For that reason we attach great importance to the organic certification of our spirits.

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Many of you tell us that you like to reuse our bottles, and we are very pleased! Here are some ideas for reuse. Your suggestions are welcome, send us your pictures! 

Our bottles are made of terracotta. There’s no recycling channel yet, but they can be sorted in the rubble, and will thus have a last use. We limit the use of single-use materials as much as possible in our production and in the life of our company.

Vases for your home...

The sobriety and charm of the Bloom Soul spirits bottles will fit perfectly into your home. Reuse them easily as a vase. 

For fresh or dried flowers ? It’s up to you! This end of summer, we took the opportunity to put some pretty dahlia bouquets in it. Let your creativity flow and share your most beautiful creations with us 🙂 And if you wish, don’t hesitate to offer your empty bottles to your favorite florist!

Containers for your condiments / seasonings...

When your bottles are empty, why not refill them? Replace the cork with a pourer and fill your bottles with oil, vinegar or all sorts of homemade syrups. A clever way to season your cooking and create delicious cocktails! 

At Bloom Soul, we reuse our bottles for homemade syrups, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 

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Furniture knobs...

Our corks can be reused to customize your pieces of furniture. Here, we replaced a broken furniture knob with a Bloom Soul spirit cork. Nice, isn’t it? 

How about you? How do you reuse Bloom Soul spirits bottles and corks? 

Share your tips with us by email, on facebook or on instagram!

Bulk and reusable packaging

To go further in the approach, we will soon offer bags made of recycled fabric to carry and offer your bottles, and innovative corks… We are also working on a “bulk” offer, and can already supply bars and restaurants with this consumption method.

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